Lucky charms The goods is a firm believer in science and logic – we don’t go in for rabbit’s feet, lucky charms, numerology and all that jazz. However, we also like to hedge our bets, just in case we’re wrong, particularly so soon after Lunar New Year, when a dash of red not only looks great, it can be lucky, too. Tumi knows what we mean and has released a red travel kit (above) that includes a wallet (HK$1,390), a lock set (HK$530), an iPhone cover (HK$790), a travel lanyard (HK$690), a passport cover (HK$790) and a carry case (HK$990). Tumi is in Pacific Place, Admiralty.

The name's Ford, Tom Ford Those who watched the Bond film Spectre would have come away with two very strong impressions. First, despite the epic opening sequence, Spectre was pretty meh and Skyfall was way better, even accounting for the latter's Home Alone ending. Second, doesn't Tom Ford half make some decent clobber! Being an American designer dressing the most quintessentially British icon might have cowed lesser people but Ford rose to the challenge and his sleek, classic and rather sexy clothes should feature in all men's wardrobes. From his latest collection we like this retro casual look of brown suede jacket (HK$53,600) and slim trousers (HK$9,900; both above left). The polo neck and shoes are yet to be priced for Hong Kong. Ford is good at casual but his brand's real strength is suiting, as seen in this dandy three-piece (HK$39,300) dominated by the movie-star jacket and completed with a white shirt (HK$4,500), pocket square (HK$1,800), tie (HK$2,200), sunglasses (HK$3,100) and pocket watch gold chain (HK$11,600; all above right). Tom Ford is in IFC Mall, Central.

All Rossi Italian shoemaker Sergio Rossi's latest collection has a pretty out-there 1970s vibe, with lots of embroidery on some of the more expensive shoes. If you love the brand but are a little more conservative with your taste, then check out the eye-catching loafer (above left; HK$5,960) and leather slip-on trainer (above right; HK$4,900). Sergio Rossi is in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.