Top (HK$14,500) and skirt (HK$16,000), both by Céline. Boots (HK$13,200) by Chanel.


Dress (HK$46,000) by Christian Dior. Bomber jacket (HK$25,300) by Louis Vuitton. Necklace (HK$14,900) by Loewe.


Dress (HK$65,000) and jacket (HK$27,000), both by Gucci, Gloves (HK$4,900) by Chanel.


Trench coat (HK$36,000) by Burberry. Top (HK$7,350) by Loewe. Skirt (HK$2,690) and boots (HK$10,900) by Marc Jacobs.


Top (HK$37,500), trousers (HK$10,500) and shoes (HK$7,650), all by Louis Vuitton. Tiger head ring (HK$3,350), multicoloured ring (HK$2,650) and ring with pearl flower, all by Gucci (inquiries: 2524 4492).


Top (HK$8,400), bracelet (HK$7,400) and lucite cuff (HK$2,650), all by Loewe. Skirt (HK$20,000) by Céline. Leather jacket (HK$27,900) and boots (HK$10,900), by Marc Jacobs.


Photographer Tim Wong
Styling & art direction Declan Chan
Make-up Evelyn Ho
Hair Tristan Waikong
Manicure Pinky Ho
Stylist’s assistants Christina Peng and Wilf Cho
Model Wangy at Longteng