Baggadocio Nowadays, for men, a bag is no longer just a bag, rather it’s a key piece of an outfit. Yes, it’s true, we live in the age of totes and shopper bags for men, the man purse (“murse”) and the man clutch (“mutch”?), so you may as well accept it. On the plus side, formerly mundane and functional bags such as backpacks have become super slick, as seen with the latest offerings from Want Les Essentials de la Vie. We recommend Kastrup backpack in tough-wearing yet luxurious black leather (above left; HK$9,100) and organic canvas (above right; HK$6,100). Want Les Essentiels de la Vie is available from Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, Central.


Tokyo drift When it comes to music, being “big in Japan” is usually a sign that the band in question is pretty gosh darn terrible, take, for example, Shampoo or the Scorpions. However, when it comes to fashion, being “big in Japan” means the opposite as the Japanese really do have impeccable sartorial taste. British designer Neil Barrett has been big in Japan for years and, luckily for us, you can get his wares in Hong Kong, including his nifty new trainer collection, from which we like the premium white leather tennis shoe (above right; HK$4,700) and the hi-tech neoprene running shoe (above left; HK$5,400). Neil Barrett is available from Lane Crawford, IFC Mall.