I've been pregnant and grounded through the cold spell and am now looking pasty in addition to the baby bloat. What would be a safe way to do some fake tanning?

Sunning Sonny, South Side

The Dictator: Do I look like someone who knows? Ask your doctor, for goodness sake. Do you even know what DHA is? It stands for dihydroxyacetone, which is the ingredient used to turn your skin brown, or sometimes a tragic orange, and is usually sourced from natural ingredients such as sugar cane and beets. DHAs have been used in cosmetics since the 1960s but there doesn't seem to be extensive research on its effects on foetuses. I'm told many pregnant women use self-tanners without incident, but do a patch test as pregnant skin is more sensitive. LDN Skins is a popular brand, as much for its sun-kissed results as for its odour-less DHA and paraben-free, organic formula. Flawless (4/F, Sea Bird House, 22 Wyndham Street, Central) offers LDN Skins spray tans which develop six to eight hours after applying and should last for about seven to 10 days. Prices start at HK$680 for the application or HK$980 for an additional full body scrub or HK$1,280 for body scrub, massage and application. At home, if you can reach, try The Organic Pharmacy's Ecocert-approved Self Tan (HK$535; Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, Central). And forget about tanning beds. High temps are a big no-no for pregnant women, and the increased risk of skin cancer is ill-advised for everyone.

I've noticed jeans on Instagram with frayed hems. Is that a DIY trend or by a brand I can buy?

Coming A Part, Mid-Levels

The Dictator rules: Oh, you mean the denim trend from last summer? Both, but it depends on the effect you desire. Start with the cult, New York-based selvedge denim brand 3x1. Leap right in with its bestselling WM3 cropped, straight-leg jeans with a dramatic four inches of frayed fringe at the hem (HK$2,294; www.3x1.us). It's worth pointing out, however, that they are only available in black right now, and you'll have to put your name on the waiting list for the "light vintage blue" or white versions. Alternatively, there's the W2 mid-rise, skinny, cropped jeans with an evenly frayed hem in light, medium or dark washed indigo denim (HK$1,749). Another brand doing fraying is Acne Studios, which has light-blue boyfriend jeans with stringy hems (HK$2,699; 10 Ice House Street, Central). For something a little bit different, look to London's Marques Almeida, which offers a whole line of fabulous, frayed denim pieces this season. You might like its wide-leg jeans cropped to just below the knee, frayed just at the hem in washed-out blue denim (HK$2,999; I.T, 10 Ice House Street) or sparkly, metallic black denim (HK$4,199). Other brands playing with fringes on denim include Paige Denim, MSGM, Roberto Cavalli and House of Holland. To fray at home, simply cut to desired length and distress the edges with a nail file or even a food grater. Then, let the washing machine do the unravelling.

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