Flip out It took a while but French resortwear expert Vilebrequin is finally making footwear that isn't the all-too-easy flip-flop. And yes, it's still focusing on footwear for the beach, so there are espadrilles (above left; HK$1,200) and, our faves, the rubber-soled boat shoe (above right; HK$1,500). If you want to keep it simple, though, the new collection of flip-flops (right; HK$700 a pair) is pretty nifty, too. Vilebrequin is in IFC Mall, Central.

Backpacking heat Backpacks are a thing again, although we're not sure when they stopped being a thing. Zara, being the international fashion behemoth it is, has a ludicrously large selection of backpacks for men ranging from the outdoorsy khaki army kit-bag (below right; HK$499) to the Italian-style faux-suede micro-perforated backpack (below left; HK$699) and everything in between. Just do us one favour, use both shoulder straps, you're not in school any more. Zara is at 70 Queen's Road Central.