1 An oversized puffa jacket - padded, voluminous outerwear is a key investment for autumn.

2 Lots of velvet - this lush, aristo-chic fabric is being revived in rich, deep colours on lean suits, lean dresses and tops.

3 Flared trousers and sleeves - accentuating movement and drama, these are really having a moment.

4 Masculine, oversized shirts - choose spare designs and utility colours.

5 A long, tiered dress - in flowing chiffon or silk, this key evening piece mixes up the romantic with the free and bohemian.

6 Leopard print - reinvented for wild-child types in variations that go from sophisticated to sexy.

7 Gothic romance - your black-eyeliner-and-choker-wearing teenage self is saying, "I told you so."

8 Red, raspberry, plum and purple hues - hugely popular next season as warm, sensual tones bring a bit of boldness.

9 Military jackets - brassy buckles, piping and regalia, it's one of autumn's biggest trends.

10 Kinky boots - After seasons of flats domination, the sexy, sky-high stiletto is back.

11 Long, lean dresses - hemlines swing elegantly low on flattering, form-fitting silhouettes.

12 Checks and tartans - a graphic hit ranging from grunge to country.