I was just in Aspen, where I saw a woman wearing a fur baby carrier! Any idea where I might find one for myself?
Fur Real, Po Shan Road

The Dictator rules: Oh. That's not the line of inquiry I was expecting. I thought you were going to join me in deriding such absurdity. I also note that you did not even mention the child who has to wear such a thing (hers and yours). OK, well, let's begin with the obvious. Babies are not fashion accessories. I don't think they're supposed to get overheated. Unless you plan to spend the off-season below the equator, say skiing in Argentina and Chile in June, you really won't need fur in any form in Hong Kong's steamy climate. And that includes the freezing malls. If you're serious, just ask your furrier. Don't have one? Then you really can't be that serious, but try Siberian Fur (29 Des Voeux Road Central, tel: 2522 1380). They do take custom orders, so visit with your baby carrier and see what they say. Amazon.com has a few fabric covers (about HK$390). You might have seen a faux mink cover from Baby Bella Maya by Marta Sala-Rothwell, which was given a high-profile outing by Angelina Jolie carrying one of her multiple babies circa 2006. I'm sorry to report that it has since been discontinued, but many products find a second life on the internet. We did see that there's one apparently available at a discounted HK$155 on www.jenklairkids.com. Just promise you'll check on your baby regularly, and never, ever make her wear a ridiculous headband.

I love modernist-looking jewellery. Right now I'm looking for a necklace with a circular look to it - like a circle pendant or attachment, really minimalist and simple. Do you know of anything that fits the bill?
A Round in Circles, Central

The Dictator: If you want to pass yourself off as a jewellery aficionado, you'll need to understand that "modernist" is not synonymous with "minimalist", though there are sometimes overlaps. Modernist jewellery had its heyday in the 1940s and was created as a reaction against decorative Victorian and art nouveau, rigid art deco and mounting post-war commercialism. Look at famous modernist jewellers, such as Sam Kramer, Art Smith and Paul Lobel. More organic than geometric and minimalist. However, you will love pieces by Bauhaus jeweller Betty Cooke (HK$11,244 and up; 1stdibs.com). Georg Jensen's Runa collection includes a sculptural pendant made up of a vertical, 18-carat gold rod with black jade beads (HK$30,750), also available in malachite or tiger's eye. It is recommended on the Runa neck ring in 18-carat yellow gold (HK$44,475). Why do I have the sneaky feeling you're more interested in fashion? Fine. Lanvin has a gorgeous cage pearl chain necklace (HK$17,600), a series of imitation pearls between brass rods and grey crystal stones on a coil chain. Kenneth Jay Lane goes uncharacteristically minimalist with his circle pendant necklace, (HK$1,290; Lane Crawford), a round, chain-segmented torque with a circle pendant all in gold-plated metal. Even Zara has some that might appeal, from interlocking circular shapes to a choker with a pendant of geometric shapes (HK$169 to HK$199).

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