Trippy People either love travelling or detest it. Not the destination part, but the airports and the journey. The goods falls into the former category; we do love a good lounge visit, eating the free food when we're not really hungry, drinking the booze because it's there and sneaking a magazine or two into our bags. Anyway, such journeys can be made even more pleasant with a solid travel kit and, if you've got the cash (HK$9,900), may we suggest this luxury specimen from Berluti (above), which includes a shoe horn made of genuine horn, a wool eye mask, navy blue cashmere socks and a wool blanket, all kept in a zipped grey flannel bag. Berluti is in The Landmark, Central.

Running jump Givenchy's trainer offerings, up until now, have been predominantly high-fashion concept shoes rather than something you can actually put on and wear to the supermarket. With its new Active Line collection, the brand has toned down the fashion and amped up the practicality, and, we have to say, we love it. The Active Line running shoe (above; HK$5,290) comes in a variety of colour combinations. Givenchy is in IFC Mall, Central.