Pack man Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day and Easter, all the early gift-giving holidays of 2016 are now a distant memory. So convincing friends and family to fork out hard cash on that leather bag you really want might prove difficult. No matter, just suck it up, head to Ted Baker and treat yourself. Our picks are the large Vertica navy leather holdall (above right; HK$1,395) and the smaller grey leather Tweener holdall (above left; HK$1,895). Ted Baker is in Pacific Place, Admiralty.

Super-powered Following the horror show of Batman v Superman, the next big comic book caper, Captain America: Civil War, is out on April 27. We can expect to be inundated with product placement and related merchandise, most of which will be horrendous. But fret not! If you love Iron Man, then ST Dupont has you covered, with a pair of great, techy-looking, collectible red and the black rollerballs (above; HK$9,980 each) engraved with the Marvel logo. ST Dupont is in The Landmark, Central.

Second life Retro collections are so prevalent these days you wonder if anyone cares to be original any more. However, one such blast-from-the-past collection overcame our jaded cynicism recently - Yohji Yamamoto's spring-summer revival. This capsule collection features reproductions of revolutionary pieces from the legendary Japanese designer that still look fresh today. We love the shirts that feature intricate Japanese stitching and watercolour-style prints (above right; HK$6,200) and those with irregular patterns (above left; HK$5,800). Yohji Yamamoto is available from Joyce, New World Tower, Central.

Rock the boat Junk season in Hong Kong! Yay! What do you mean you're not excited? How can eight hours on a boat with people you don't like, stopping off for underwhelming seafood and getting heat stroke not be the best way to spend a Saturday? Bah! Stop being such a misery. Anyway, even if the idea of junks makes you ill, you'll need to be kitted out for the season and, in particular, you'll need to get your footwear right. We recommend popping down to H&M and picking up leather sandals (above left; HK$299) or some nifty espadrilles (above right; HK$149). H&M is at 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.