What’s the story? The idea for former financier Charles de Viel Castel’s brand, CVC Stones, was shaped by destiny. As a child, he would often collect pebbles on the beach. He also had a raw diamond left to him by his grandmother. Last year, during another stroll along a beach, the idea of marrying the rocks came to the New York-based Frenchman, and CVC Stones was born.

Why we love it: scouring beaches all over the world, de Viel Castel searches for the perfect stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Made in New York, CVC Stones’ products celebrate the contrast between the humble beach pebble and a girl’s best friend.

What we’d pick: the Yara 18-carat-gold necklace with three diamonds (above centre; HK$23,500), or, for a bit of pizzazz, the Europa (above right; HK$24,000) or Crushed (above left; HK$25,500) necklaces, which each come with four diamonds.

Where can you get it? CVC Stones is available on net-a-porter.com.