Pleated holographic dress (HK$60,700), tweed jacket (HK$43,100), hairband (HK$7,800) and choker (HK$30,100), all by Chanel. Printed silk trousers by Sacai (inquiries: 2285 9080).


Top (HK$44,100) by Balenciaga. Kimono jacket (HK$32,900) by Dolce & Gabbana. Knit hat and crochet lace skirt, both by Gucci (inquiries: 2524 4492). Necklace (HK$17,800) by Bottega Veneta.


Jumper (HK$7,350) and  PVC  trousers (HK$7,350), both by  Loewe. Flowers jacket  by  %Sacai  (inquiries: 2285 9080).


Knit polo (HK$8,950) and organza dress (HK$34,450), both by Miu Miu. Tweed jacket (HK$52,000), choker (HK$9,700) and hairband (HK$17,300), all by Chanel. Leather trousers (HK$29,950) by Loewe. Loafers (HK$5,990) by Bally.


Tweed jacket (HK$44,200), matching trousers (HK$29,300) and necklace (HK$20,600), all by Chanel. Tiara (HK$14,950) by Saint Laurent. Bangle on right hand (HK$7,000) by Céline. Bangles on left hand (top, HK$19,100; bottom, HK$31,300) by Bottega Veneta. Loafers (HK$9,100) by Gucci.


Printed silk dress by Gucci. Leather jacket (HK$45,500) by Miu Miu. Python chain bag (HK$15,500) by Saint Laurent. Shoes (HK$14,200) by Chanel.


Stylist and photographer Olivia Tsang
Stylist’s assistant Becky Chan
Make-up Evelyn Ho
Hair Jean Tong
Model Lenka at Elite