Second-best shades It might seem an extravagance, but we cannot recommend highly enough getting a second pair of sunglasses to back up your favourites - you know, the expensive pair you that would be devastated to lose (yes, we've all done it after a shandy too many). Your second, everyday pair shouldn't cost the earth; let's set the limit at HK$1,500, purely based on Emporio Armani's latest shades (above), which fit the bill and cost HK$1,450 a pair. Emporio Armani is in Chater House, Central.

Bags of protection It's hard not to be paranoid about data theft what with daily reports of hacked websites and a leaky Cloud, or something. Thankfully, today's wearable tech no longer looks dorky. In fact, it's downright snazzy. Hong Kong company Pacsafe is a world leader in theft-proof and data-secure accessories, including bags incorporating such whizzbang tech as RFID blocking materials (so no one can swipe your card data) as well as good old-fashioned slash-proof mesh and more locks and zips than you can shake a stick at. We like the Travelsafe X15 (above right; HK$850), which is like a portable safe and can function as a bag within a bag, and the more traditional Venturesafe X30 backpack (above left; HK$1,450). A Pacsafe pop-up store is now open in K11 Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Dad's close shave There's still a couple of weeks to go until Father's Day, on June 19, when the lazy among us will make a last-minute trolley dash around one of Hong Kong's soulless, life force-sapping malls for something their dads don't want. For the proactive present-buyer, we've found a peach of a gift from Penhaligon's: a nickel shaving set (above; HK$1,850) that includes a Gillette Mach 3-enabled razor and an ethically sourced badger-hair brush. Penhaligon's is in IFC Mall, Central.

Boss-y boots Hugo Boss, perhaps unfairly, has a rather stuffy image as a label only your dad and his mates would wear. Well, we’re not set in our ways here at The goods and we’re big fans of the spring-summer footwear collection. Our picks are the leather penny loafers (above left; HK$4,500) and the decidedly not-for-your-dad leather trainers (above rightt; HK$4,200). Hugo Boss is in Pacific Place, Admiralty.