Diffusers for blokes If Steve McQueen were alive he would shake his head at modern men's retail, what with manly scented candles, diffusers and all that jazz. Still, we think candles and diffusers and all that jazz are great! Especially if they come from a design power house such as British furniture maverick Tom Dixon. His Eclectic candle (HK$513) has become pretty ubiquitous, but that doesn't mean it's any less cool. And his Earth diffuser (HK$793) will be right up the alley of anyone with a sense of smell. Tom Dixon is available from Mr Porter (www.mrporter.com).

British hard case Classy, unusual luggage is hard to come by these days, now that every Tom, Dick and Harry is forking out the big bucks for Rimowa or Tumi. But fret not. For distinctive luggage with heritage that won't be sported by every tour group around the baggage carousel, look no further than Globe-Trotter. The British brand has been making leather hard cases since 1897 and has lately become a celebrity favourite. We like the Centenary collection, which comes in a huge variety of colours, including purple. The cases (above) come in various sizes (18-inch HK$16,800; 21-inch HK$18,800) and are available at Harvey Nichols.

Time capsule Ever since Adidas bought Reebok it has been morphing into a strange cross-fit and aerobics-obsessed brand that is, let's face it, thoroughly uncool. Yet, every now and again, it digs deep into its archives or, better yet, lets a hipper brand do that, and releases a capsule collection to make you think about the good old days. The Beams x Reebok Classic tennis collection is, to use today's unintelligible slang, "straight-up awesome, son". It includes a V-neck jumper (HK$899), a T-shirt (HK$449), tennis shorts (HK$699), special-edition Classic trainers (HK$899) and a Harrington jacket (HK$1,399; all above). Reebok x Beams is available at Kapok, 3 Sun Street, Wan Chai.

Nice titfers We are constantly on the lookout for hat brands and new stuff here at The goods, so we got a twofer when we stumbled across Art Comes First. The British brand established by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh is more of a conceptual sartorial gathering (we’re not making this up) than your typical fashion label, but it does make awfully good hats. We like the fedora (above left; HK$3,890) and the feather hat (above right; also HK$3,890). Art Comes First is available at Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central.