Silk gown (HK$80,730) by Ralph Lauren. Leather jacket (HK$19,990) by Bally.


White ruffle collar sleeveless shirt  by Maje. Embroidered jumpsuit (HK$10,180) by Shiatzy Chen. Multi-coloured trench coat (HK$67,280) by Ralph Lauren. 


Dress (HK$73,700) by Gucci.


Tweed cap (HK$5,100), gloves (HK$5,800), jacket (HK$55,300), skirt (HK$24,400) and bag (HK$38,000), all by Chanel.


Choker (HK$3,000), red knit vest (HK$8,300), printed dress (HK$54,000) and sunglasses, all by Prada (inquiries: 2522 2989). Tweed jacket (HK$26,500) and lunch box bag (HK$69,000), both by Dolce & Gabbana. Boots (HK$14,000) by Celine.


Pink bow shirt (HK$9,900), atlas-print silk skirt (HK$36,500), jacket (HK$33,700) and rings, all by Gucci (inquiries: 2524.4492).


Crystal choker (HK$26,500) by Chanel. Bodysuit (HK$3,800) and bra (HK$1,475), both by Agent Provocateur. Trousers by Bally (inquiries: 2506 3312). Patchwork leather jacket (HK$65,800) by Versace.


Stylist & photographer Olivia Tsang
Make-up and hair Janet Mariscal
Model Sydnie Miller (Scout Models)