Jacket (HK$17,100), trousers (HK$6,900), cashmere silk jumper (HK$12,900), scarf (HK$2,900) and backpack (HK$17,550), all by Bottega Veneta.


Jacket (HK$14,800) and trousers (HK$6,600) both by Alexander McQueen. White cotton poplin shirt (HK$6,900) and light pollen fine cotton lace tie (HK$2,500) both by Burberry.


Jacket (HK$19,150) by Gucci. Sleeveless jumper (HK$8,400) and shirt (HK$12,500), both by Dior Homme. Trousers (HK$7,950) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Glasses by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2196 8261).


Trench coat (HK$15,700) by Balenciaga. Trousers (HK$7,700) by Prada. Backpack (HK$9,700) by Emporio Armani. Belt (HK$17,000) by Giorgio Armani. Jumper by Tom Ford (inquiries: 2234 7802). Shirt by Dolce Gabbana (inquiries: 2799 8112). Tie by Salvatore Ferragamo (inquiries: 2845 2718).


Jumper (HK$19,550) and trousers, both by Prada (inquiries: 2368 9662). Shirt and tie, both by Salvatore Ferragamo. Glasses by Giorgio Armani.


Jacket (HK$19,150), trousers (HK$7,350) and shirt (HK$4,550), all by Gucci.


Photographer Charl Marais
Producer Lorraine Cultfish
Art director/stylist Kenneth Wong
Model Dmitry @ Mission models