My friend calls me the stain magnet because I can’t seem to get through the day without getting something on my white jeans. I would like to put the blame on my kids, but it’s usually something I’ve done. I saw you wrote about anti-staining white shirts a while ago. Could someone do the same for my trousers?

Stain Magnate, Mid-Levels

The Dictator rules: Isn’t it obvious? Stop wearing white. We never cease to be bewildered by the Yummy Mummy’s pro­clivity for white denim in the face of grubby little hands and, sorry, lingering baby weight. We’re surprised it took this long for the denim industry to come up with stain-resistant white jeans for an audience literally held captive by little ones with perpetually dirty paws. Almost as surprising as the brand that did it. Humble little Old Navy, that’s who! Its mid-rise Rockstar skinny jeans are made from Stay White denim, a “technology” devel­oped to repel stain-making substances. They are now on sale for HK$310 at Joe’s Jeans does them, too, as part of its Play Dirty, Stay Spotless collec­tion. Its Asymmetric Skinny jeans features a wash treatment that resists spills (on sale, HK$714; However, the stain-fighting finish loses its super­powers after 20 delicate washes. Or, if you want to look like a Mum, Lands’ End has the stain-resistant, high-rise, straight-leg jeans for you, which promise to be stain-repellent against water-based oopsy daisies, such as ketchup, coffee and fizzy drinks (HK$576;


I’d like to buy a realistic wig for a friend who is about to start chemotherapy. Any ideas where I can find one relatively quickly? I’m sure you’ve seen some tragic ones in your day!

Big C, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Dictator: Oh no, you don’t! You cannot tempt me to be flippant about this. Instead, let me begin by sending your friend our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Many, many people have beaten cancer, and we sought advice from some of them. Lily Wigs ( comes highly recommended, but it’s not cheap, with real-hair wigs running to HK$10,000 and up. There is great support to be had from cancer groups via social media, websites or a charity. CancerLink at the Hong Kong Cancer Fund lends out wigs, and will send you a comprehensive list of wig­makers (HK$300 and up; The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation ( also gives some wig sources, and has a free wig prog­ramme. Wigs can be expensive and even those who can afford them have told us they preferred wearing silk scarves instead for the look as much as for the com­fort. Justify treating yourself to an Hermès foulard (HK$3,600 and up), or don’t. Multibrand stores, such as Lane Crawford, have wide assort­ments by recognis­able fashion names and lesser-known artisans (HK$1,900 and up). offers great advice such as: order your wig prior to chemotherapy so the makers can see your natural hair colour. Looking good is clearly not the priority when so much is out of your control, but it helps to feel good.