Hong Kong-born, London-based Minki Cheng graduated from Central Saint Martins school of fashion in 2012, and is building his brand on imaginative textures and his ability to surprise.

Describe your career since moving to London, at the age of 17? “At the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing or what the industry was about, and then I decided to start my own brand. You learn from your mistakes, and you learn from your results. Every season I move forward with the results shaping my direction.”

Describe the Minki Cheng woman.“The Minki Cheng woman is versatile, using the city as her playground. She is conversant with the edgy, forward-thinking creative scene, but also enjoys being swept away by beauty and refinement. Strong, independent with a delicate side, her Minki Cheng wardrobe allows her to travel through different spaces while staying true to her aesthetic.”

You are known for original use of fabrics and textures. What is their appeal for you?“I have always liked mixing unusual textures, like a foil polyester skirt with mohair trim. I like contrasts. When I find exciting fabrics I tend to use them in ways that they are not supposed to be used. We add our own touch. It’s about putting natural and artificial things together. For this collection I have revisited my childhood memories of ’80s and ’90s Nintendo cartoons and animation. I like a sci-fi touch in my work.”

You have said you admire photographer Florent Tanet. Why?“Tanet is a French photographer and art director in Paris. He operates at the intersection of art, sculpture, graphic design and photography. His photos make ordinary scenes and objects into something complex and remarkable.”

How often do you get back to Hong Kong? “After London Fashion Week, I like to travel somewhere I’ve never been, and then to Hong Kong to catch up with family and friends.”

What’s next for your brand?“This is a turning point for me – everything has been moving forward so quickly, sales wise. We are stocked in some great stores including Liberty of London; Penelope, in Italy; Shine, in Hong Kong; Koon, in Seoul; Sauce, in Dubai; and Blacq Concept, in Kuwait.”