Is it possible to dress in sequins and look tasteful?
Bright Spark, West Kowloon

The Dictator rules: They say you cannot buy taste, but lots of money, a good designer and retiring those platform stilettos would be a good start. Beyond the quality of the materials, it’s the cut that makes all the difference.

Tom Ford has some great examples, including an open-back tunic with trapeze, draped sleeves and all-over silver-sequin embroidery (HK$74,500), slim, midi skirts in sequinned, geometric patterns (HK$42,400 each) and a blouson-effect, cowl-neck midi dress in copper-toned sequins (HK$106,750). Saint Laurent has gone all 1980s, with a short dress featuring padded shoulders and black-and-white sequins (HK$32,500). Tory Burch offers classic pieces, including long-sleeve shift dresses in either black sequins (HK$4,380) or in an argyle pattern of sequins and satin crepe (HK$7,780).

Going for fresh, innovative designs is also a sure-fire way to keep things stylish. We love 3.1 Phillip Lim’s decorative use of sequins, especially on the sleeve­less top with asymmetrical silk sashes (HK$5,800). The rest of the collection is sparkling, too, with sequins on tops, dresses and joggers (HK$5,500 and up). Or dress yourself beyond reproach by wearing sequins on a coat.

Victoria Beckham has a wonderfully dramatic black wool gabardine coat with black, rectangular sequins on the sleeves (HK$12,060). Or try the fabulous navy wool-blend coat by Cos embroidered with sequins (HK$2,250). More? You want more? Try Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci or, actually, H&M.

My wife loves pandas and scarves, so I thought she might like a panda scarf. Could you guide me to such a rare object?
Black and White, Shek O

The Dictator: You’d better not be asking for a panda pelt, or we’ll guide you directly to the police station. Unless your wife is a child (see aforementioned warning), your non sequitur could lead to disappointment. We adore dark chocolate and jewellery, jogging and high heels, swimming and leather skirts, but combining those passions would be disastrous. We will make an exception, though, for the witty, double-sided silk scarves in animal motifs by Cleo Ferin Mercury. Printed with the head on one end and the paws at the other, each scarf can be con­verted into a belt, a turban or a head scarf. At, you could order her the black-and-white small black panda long silk scarf (170cm x 80cm; HK$928). The large version (200cm x 30cm; HK$1,367) includes a red panda.

Locally, we’ve seen a few of her scarves at Kapok and Harvey Nichols. Your wife, no doubt, is familiar with the website You have permission to buy the cute Ted and Jack scarves with all-over panda print (HK$85 each;, but we draw the line at the Cute Panda Paw Adorable Unisex Plush Fancy Party Kigurumi Gloves (HK$236).

If you’re going to get that silly, buy her the panda neck warmer (HK$159) from Add Some Stitches on, a scarf with a stitched black panda nose and mouth that would go over hers. On second thoughts, she might take that the wrong way. Buy her a Love Moschino Animal Scarf Tote with a silk panda scarf tied on the handle (HK$1,303). At least she’ll get a bag out of your folly.

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