Leopard-print silk blouse (HK$10,290) by Bally. Floral dress (HK$45,500), denim half corset (HK$7,800), belt with rose details (HK$9,050) and lace-up socks (HK$3,000), all by Prada.

Silk ruffle blouse (HK$28,530) by Chloé. Knitted cropped trousers with ruffles (HK$5,100) by Xiao Li from Lane Crawford. Belt by Maison Margiela
(inquiries: 2869 7707). Lace-up socks, same as before.

Tweed jacket (HK$38,000) by Chanel. Lace and eel-skin dress by Nina Ricci from Joyce (inquiries: 2810 1120). Velvet ankle boots (HK$16,800) by Roberto Cavalli. Lace-up socks, same as before.

Tweed dress (HK$92,000) and matching scarf (HK$11,400) by Chanel.

Gold lace evening dress (HK$67,100) by Roberto Cavalli. Puffer jacket (HK$23,130) by Emilio Pucci. Lace-up socks, same as before.

Turtleneck (HK$6,250) and leather corset (HK$14,900) by Loewe. Organza maxi skirt (HK$9,700) by Giorgio Armani. Faux patent leather skirt (HK$7,190) by Kenzo. Faux pearl and crystal bracelets (HK$13,200 each) by Chanel. Lace-up socks, same as before.

Floral printed silk dress (HK$49,000) and bow collar with silk tie (HK$13,500) by Giorgio Armani.

Top (HK$11,550) by Emilio Pucci. Dress (HK$7,475) by The Vampire’s Wife from matchesfashion.com. Hat (HK$24,700) by Chanel. Boots (HK$7,000) by Stuart Weitzman.

Stylist and photographer Olivia Tsang
Make-up and hair Kohei
Model Mila (Bravo Models)
Location Tokyo