Camouflage jacket (HK$19,800) and trousers (HK$9,800) by Valentino. Leather sleeveless shirt (HK$23,900) by Saint Laurent Paris. Boots (HK$12,400) by Bottega Veneta.

Field jacket (HK$11,500) by Burberry. Top (HK$3,500) and trousers (HK$6,900) by Gucci. Shoes (HK$5,000) by Valentino.

Coat (HK$20,600) by Prada. Oversize trousers (HK$9,990) and backpack (HK$15,500) by Givenchy. Shoes (HK$9,100) and shirt by Dior Homme (inquiries: 2524 8277).
Outerwear in masquerade print (HK$21,000) by Versace. Hat (HK$2,750) by Prada.

Calf-leather blouson (HK$29,500) by Bottega Veneta. Printed windbreaker jacket (HK$27,000) by Givenchy. White shirt (HK$10,800) by Valentino. Chino trousers (HK$3,900) by Balenciaga.

Hooded parka (HK$35,000) by Dior Homme. Trousers (HK$7,600) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes (HK$9,590) by Givenchy.

Camouflage jacket (HK$30,800) by Valentino. Knitwear (HK$8,900) and trousers (HK$8,900) by Bottega Veneta.

Photography Karl Lam
Art direction and styling Kenneth Wong
Producer Lorraine Cultfish
Make-up and hair Jolin Ng
Model Jun at Supermii Model Management
Location Tung Lung Chau, Hong Kong