Dress (HK$20,500) by Fendi. Swimsuit (HK$16,900) by Miu Miu. Bracelet (HK$3,700) by Versace. Pointe shoes (HK$680) by Bloch. Lace detail on shoes by Atelier Linda Elizabeth.

Dress (HK$21,000) by Céline. Trouser boots by Balenciaga (inquiries: 2736 8801).

Dress (HK$69,000), choker (HK$2,300), bra (HK$7,400) and briefs (HK$8,400), all by Christian Dior. Shoes, same as before.

Dress by Emilio Pucci (inquiries: 2317 1882). Bracelet, choker and shoes, same as before.

Sheer dress (HK$25,600) by Fendi. Pink dress, bracelet and shoes, all same as before.

Ruffle top (HK$46,590) and matching skirt (HK$30,250) by Chloé. Shoes, same as before.

Jacket (HK$48,200), trousers (HK$11,500) and top (HK$26,300), all by Givenchy. Bracelet and choker, same as before.

Photographer Mia Haggi
Stylist: Cheryl Leung
Make-up and hair Karen Yiu
Model Bronwyn Jolley