Why did you get into the shoe business? “My father is in the business [Geoff Seth is the founder of British footwear brand Ascot] – so you could say they are in my blood. I knew from a very early age that designing shoes was what I wanted to do. I did begin my career in finance, which taught me the foundation I needed in order to grow the business. Of course, you need a great product but you also have to be able to budget, plan and meet clients’ expectations. Every summer as a child was spent in my father’s office gaining work experience. I interned in most departments, from the warehouse to sales.”

What makes Aruna Seth shoes unique? “The cashmere-like comfort padding in each shoe. We make princess shoes, which make you feel glamorous while letting you stay comfortable all day. We produce in the same factories in Venice as Dior and Manolo Blahnik, with artisans who have decades of experience. I always said I wanted to create the best shoes in the world and to do this you have to work with the best factories in the world.”

What is your favourite design? “The Farfalla, which means ‘butterfly’ in Italian. This has been my iconic, best-selling design from day one and the butterfly has a special meaning for me: it means grace and elegance.”

How important are celebrity endorsements to an emerging brand like yours ? “We have to be discreet when working with such clients and that’s how we continue our good relationship with them. So many people look to celebrities for the best fashion style because we love and respect them and want to emulate their successful life. A brand’s credibility nowadays is determined by which celebrity is endorsing them and this makes a huge difference in sales.”

Aruna Seth’s iconic butterfly symbol stems from ‘personal love affair with secret gardens’

What advice would you give to aspiring shoe designers? “Design and focus on your brand’s core ethos but always listen to your clients’ feedback and incor­porate it. And before you start a brand, get as much experience in the retail indus­try as you can. Without sales there is no business.”