Why jump from interiors to fashion? “I have always designed, whether it be fashion or interiors. I’ve gone back and forth between the two because my life has always been intertwined with both worlds. I have always said that I would love to dress the beautiful girl in the divine room. I didn’t set out to be an accessories designer, it sort of just happened.”

What inspired your Les Bonbons earrings? “The phenomenon of Les Bonbons came from their versatility. I have seen every kind of woman wear my earrings, on islands and in cities all over the world. They can be minimal or dramatic, they can be daytime or evening. I believe they have bridged the gap between everyday and special-occasion dressing, which is quite rare for a statement earring.”

You’ve lived in many countries and cities, how have these experiences shaped you as a designer? “The Bahamas is home, Paris will always be Paris and LA is work, work, work and a little play. I am an island girl so a lot of my inspiration comes from living there.”

You recently launched bags and shirts. Is the goal to build a lifestyle brand? “I have been working on a handbag for ages. If you ever come to my home, you will see I am literally the woman that lives in a basket – they are everywhere; my entrance way, stuffed into closets, on shelves. Once I got the shape and logistics of the bag down, I went on the hunt for jewel-tone colours to bring it to life. Colour inspires every aspect of how I live and the Lolli basket and buckets really capture that.

“The Ming shirt is my way of creating something timeless and versatile for women of all styles and ages. I have a very individual way of dressing, although, like my first earrings, I work hard to design products that people can wear their own way. The woman will make this what it is, not the other way around.

“As for a lifestyle brand, I do think it is the way forward. Designers are branching out into home and decorators are branching into fabrics. They simply go hand in hand and both industries look at each other for inspiration.”

What are the biggest challenges in fashion today? “Preserving your creativity. It is quite defeating to see people copying something you have worked so hard on. The fashion market schedule is quite demanding in regards to releasing new collections twice or three times a year.”

What would be your advice to young designers looking to get into the fashion business? “To remember it is just business, it is a big industry and an important industry, but nothing is life or death, so to speak – everything should be taken for what it is. Always be proud of your work.”