Bikini top (HK$1,200) by Vilebrequin. Trousers (HK$17,900) by Chanel. Sandals (HK$2,180) by MAX&Co. Earrings (HK$4,600) and bangles (HK$3,400 each), both by Emporio Armani. Pearl necklace (HK$15,000) and dove necklace (HK$4,000), both by Dior.

Bikini set (HK$1,100) by MilaKrasna from Cape by Etro (inquiries: 2392 9696). Earrings by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2532 7700). Gold tassels necklace by Emporio Armani (inquiries: 2918 0699). Pearl necklace (HK$26,500) by Chanel. Bracelet (HK$4,600) and rings (left hand: gold, HK$3,500, and black, HK$2,950; right hand, HK$2,300), all by Dior.

Bikini top (HK$422) by Iris & Ink from Trousers (HK$8,100), jacket (tied around waist; HK$9,100) and earrings (HK$3,100), all by Emporio Armani. Slip-ons (HK$9,650) by Jimmy Choo. Necklace with tassels (HK$980) by MAX&Co. Beaded necklace (HK$3,350) by Red Valentino. Flower bangle (HK$4,950) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Ring (HK$3,500) by Dior.

Swimsuit (HK$3,200) by Versace. Wrap dress (HK$6,850) by Marie France Van Damme. Earrings (HK$5,000) by Dior. Short necklace (HK$1,760) by Swarovski. Pearl necklace (HK$26,500) and bangles (HK$5,100 each) by Chanel.

Swimsuit (HK$1,580) by Acacia from Caelum Greene (The Landmark, Central). Jacket (HK$10,000), belt and sandals, all by Emporio Armani. Hat (HK$5,300) and earrings (HK$3,000), both by Giorgio Armani. Short necklace (HK$2,140) by Swarovski. Long necklace (HK$4,000), rings (left hand, HK$2,950; right hand, HK$3,500), all by Dior. Bangle (HK$17,000) by Chanel.

Swimsuit (HK$2,560) by Marie France Van Damme. Blouse (HK$15,700) by Etro. Sunglasses (HK$3,270) by Victoria Beckham from Puyi Optical. Earrings (HK$4,600) by Emporio Armani. Black pearl necklace (HK$5,600) by Dior. Chain crystal necklace (HK$18,650) by Prada. Bangle (HK$5,700) by Hermès.

Bikini top (HK$870) by Acacia from Caelum Greene. Dress (HK$9,800) by Attico from Joyce. Fishbone necklace (HK$2,380) by Tory Burch. Beaded necklace (HK$2,350) by Red Valentino. Rings (left hand, HK$3,500; right hand, HK$2,300) by Dior. Purple bangle by Giorgio Armani. White bangle by Emporio Armani. Sandals (HK$7,100) by Hermès. Bag (HK$16,500) by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Photography Ruby Law
Direction and styling Tasha Ling
Make-up Karen Yiu
Hair Deil Siu
Lighting assistant Matteo
Styling assistant Yvonne Wong
Model Kristina Katkova from Style International Management
Location Lilya Moroccan Lounge & Bar, Central