Thiago (left) wears shirt (HK$3,400) by Bottega Veneta. Cardigan by Moncler (inquiries: 2295 3033). Trousers (HK$3,400) by Burberry. Mantas wears jumper (HK$18,900) by Bottega Veneta. Drawstring trousers (HK$7,350) by Loewe.

Thiago wears shirt (HK$3,250) by La Perla. Trousers (HK$3,400) by Burberry. Leather harness (HK$28,700) by Hermès. Ring (HK$2,600) by Balenciaga. Mantas wears shirt (HK$5,800) and trousers (HK$5,000), both by Alexander McQueen.

Lace top (HK$26,000) and shirt (HK$7,900), both by Burberry.

Mantas wears jacket and shirt by Moncler Gamme Blue. Trousers (HK$3,600) by Balenciaga. Thiago wears jumper (HK$6,250) by Loewe. Shorts and socks by Moncler Gamme Blue.

Jumper (HK$6,620) by Stella McCartney.

Sweatshirt (HK$4,150) by Loewe. Coated cotton trousers with belt (HK$6,900) by Bottega Veneta.

Mantas wears striped jumper (HK$10,000) and trousers (HK$26,100), both by Alexander McQueen. Ring (HK$2,600) by Balenciaga. Thiago wears vest (HK$1,145) by Sandro. Denim trousers with belt (HK$5,600) by Prada. Handkerchief (HK$1,280) by Hermès.

Thiago wears jersey (HK$3,100) and striped drawstring trousers (HK$7,350), both by Loewe. Mantas wears jumper (HK$7,000) by Giorgio Armani. Handkerchief by Emporio Armani (inquiries: 2918 0699). Striped drawstring trousers (HK$9,950) by Loewe.

Photographer PJ Lam at Fast Management
Stylist Cheryl Leung
Hair Tristan Waikong
Skincare Tom Ford for Men
Photo assistant Yuman
Fashion assistant Abigail Colgan
Models Thiago Ruman at Starz People and Mantas Monkevicius at Sun Esee
Location Tung Lung Chau