Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (HK$180) is now available on the Sephora site in Hong Kong. The liner has a sharp, flexible tip that makes for easy application of fine eyeliner or a more dramatic look as sported by the celebrity American tattoo artist.

Jill Stuart’s Kitten Eyes Shadow Liner (HK$155) comes in fun pastel colours, such as cotton candy pink and butter yellow. It can be worn on top of regular black eyeliner to make your eyes pop or smudged and worn as a shadow.

Burberry’s Cat Eye Liner (HK$320) is dark and heavily pigmented, making it ideal for creating a bold, defined look. The other end of the pencil contains a shimmery silver eyeshadow that can be used to create a smoky effect. Applying the eyeshadow evenly with the cushion tip, however, can be a bit tricky.

Part of the brand’s autumn collection, NARS’ Kohliner (HK$250) comes in beautiful seasonal shades of rust brown and soft bronze. The eyeliner goes on smoothly and is surprisingly long-lasting for kohl. The only downside is that the tip becomes blunt after a few uses, making precise application difficult.