Velvet jacket (HK$25,000) by Giorgio Armani. Glasses (HK$740) by Warby Parker. Plastic raincoat, stylist’s own.

Suit by Lanvin (inquiries: 2523 9512)

Jacket (HK$11,800) by Stella McCartney. Trousers (HK$58,100) by Chanel. Boots
(HK$4,890) by Kenzo.

Coat (HK$54,000) and velvet trousers (HK$13,000) by Giorgio Armani. Shirt (HK$7,800) by Versace. Boots (HK$4,890) by Kenzo. Glasses (HK$740) by Warby Parker.

Jacket by Ralph Lauren (inquiries: 2871 9338). Trousers with knife-pleated panel (HK$17,500) by Giorgio Armani. Glasses, same as before.

Photographer Lindsay Adler
Stylist Holly Suan Gray
Photo assistants Sofia Vergara Brunet, Joseph Blum and Daniel Gomez
Set design Ivie Joy Flowers
Hair Aleetha Clanton
Make-up Laramie using Mac Cosmetics
Model Sammy Gardner at New York Models