Katya (left) wears velvet beret by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2532 7700). Cropped double-breasted jacket (HK$16,000) and slit skirt (HK$10,800), both by Versace. Studded mirror silver clutch (HK$38,400) by Jimmy Choo. Python gold bag (HK$15,200) by Tom Ford. Leather lace-up ankle boots (HK$13,300) by Sergio Rossi.

Ana wears leather beret (HK$7,000) by Dior. Dress (HK$29,700) by Prada. Studded grey bag (HK$13,900) by Jimmy Choo. Speedy spaceship bag (HK$22,000) by Louis Vuitton. Embroidered velvet boots (HK$8,000) by Stuart Weitzman.

Ana wears cropped top (HK$15,100) by Fendi. Printed skirt (HK$15,000) by Prada. PVC sheer coat (HK$15,000) and gloves (HK$1,100) by Burberry. Bag (HK$21,000) by Céline. Fur ankle boots (HK$8,850) by Stuart Weitzman.

Katya wears jumper (HK$15,700) by Louis Vuitton. Feather-trimmed skirt (HK$15,700) and embellished leather coat (HK$139,700), both by Prada. Clutch (HK$9,700) and lace-up suede boots with fur (HK$9,450), both by Bottega Veneta.

From left: Katya wears turtleneck knit top (HK$11,000) and lamb-hair jacket (HK$37,000), both by Bottega Veneta. Lady Dior patent-leather bag (HK$31,500) with embellished strap (HK$11,800) by Dior.

Ana wears dress (HK$56,000) by Versace. Lamb-hair fur coat (HK$64,000) by Bottega Veneta. Fox bag with bamboo handle by Gucci (inquiries: 2524 4492).

Alice wears fur-collar coat (HK$46,400) and dress (HK$9,400), both by Miu Miu. Butterfly studded belt bag (HK$15,800) by Gucci. Rings (HK$2,750 and HK$3,200) by Dior.

Katya wears pleated coat dress (HK$40,000) by Dior. Earrings (HK$4,500) by Giorgio Armani. Python leather bag (HK$28,700) with fur strap (HK$5,250) by Prada. Fur loafers (HK$18,300) by Sergio Rossi.

Ana wears sheer long-sleeve top (HK$8,100) and patent leather coat (HK$44,600), both by Tom Ford. Earrings (HK$4,500) by Giorgio Armani. Python ankle boots with pearls by Gucci. Serpent Forever bag in polka dots (HK$21,000) by Bulgari.

Alice wears hooded top (HK$26,000) and cropped trousers (HK$24,000), both by Dior. Earrings (HK$5,700) by Giorgio Armani. Python leather bag with crystals (HK$32,000) and fur strap (HK$5,650) by Miu Miu. Python shoes with crystal straps (HK$21,700) by Jimmy Choo.

Katya wears faux fur hat (HK$7,550) by Miu Miu. Leather turtleneck bodice (HK$16,900) and blazer (HK$35,900), both by Salvatore Ferragamo. Cat bag with leather handle (HK$6,250) by Loewe. Large leather bag (HK$51,000) by Céline. Thigh-high boots (HK$30,100) by Sergio Rossi.

Ana wears shirt dress (HK$20,000) and trousers (HK$12,000), both by Céline. Hat (HK$5,200) by Loewe. Leather bag (HK$18,000) with flower leather strap (HK$7,000) by Fendi.

Katya wears dress with fringes (HK$24,500) by Céline. Leather bag (HK$39,500) by Louis Vuitton. Studded suede mules (HK$10,300) by Jimmy Choo. Rings (right hand, HK$2,250; left hand, HK$7,100) by Gucci.

Ana wears dress with leather collar by Loewe (inquiries: 2522 0996). Dioraddict flap bag (HK$26,900) with embellished strap (HK$11,800) by Dior. Shoes with pearl chains (HK$11,400) and hand accessory, both by Gucci.

Alice wears dress (HK$19,500) by Céline. Studded boho bag (HK$15,100) by Jimmy Choo. Rings (from top: pearl ring, HK$3,800; cow ring, HK$3,850; pincushion ring, HK$5,300) by Gucci. Satin shoes (HK$11,550) by Prada.

Photography and styling Olivia Tsang
Make-up Evelyn Ho Hair Seifert Cheung
Models Katya and Ana P at Mission Models and Alice at Style Management