Jelena (left) wears floral jacket (HK$24,000) and matching trousers (HK$13,000) by Gucci. Ana wears dress with crystal studded collar (HK$51,000) by Bottega Veneta. Faux fur jacket (HK$19,650) and crystal earrings (HK$3,750), both by Miu Miu. Velvet heels with sock details (HK$9,000) by Fendi.

Jelena wears sheer dress with appliqué flowers (HK$151,300) by Fendi. Fur collar coat (HK$46,400) by Miu Miu. Boots (HK$9,100) and Argyle-print socks (HK$1,100), both by Burberry.

Ana wears crystal choker (HK$8,150) by Miu Miu. Long white tee (HK$5,700) and sheer lace dress (HK$26,000), both by Burberry. Fur loafers (HK$18,300) by Sergio Rossi.

Jelena wears velvet tuxedo with sequins (HK$41,500) and tuxedo trousers (HK$24,500), both by Giorgio Armani. Leather beret, same as before.

Ana wears evening gown (HK$108,000) by Gucci.

Pleated sheer top (HK$19,500) and velvet blazer (HK$25,500), both by Giorgio Armani. Cropped trousers (HK$9,000) by Bottega Veneta. Leather beret and velvet heels, same as before.

Jelena wears sheer dress with appliqué flowers (HK$79,700) by Fendi.

Ana wears lace dress (HK$58,500) and jeans (HK$8,900), both by Louis Vuitton. Rings (HK$2,750 and HK$3,200) by Dior.

Ana wears leather beret (HK$7,000) by Dior. Evening gown by Loewe (inquiries: 2522 0996).

Jelena wears off-the-shoulder dress (HK$29,000) and lace stockings (HK$5,600), both by Céline.

Photography and styling Olivia Tsang

Make-up Evelyn Ho

Hair Seifert Cheung

Models Ana P (Mission Models) and Jelena (Quest models)

Location Sunny Paradise Sauna (341 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai)