Lamé crewneck (HK$935) and lamé skirt (HK$1.345), both by Missoni. Segreto headband (HK$3,882) by Rosantica. Platform pumps by Gucci (inquiries: 2234 7322). Tights (HK$130) by Calzedonia.

Lambskin dress with fringe (HK$53,500) and boots (HK$15,000), both by Louis Vuitton.

Jacket (HK$31,800) and dress (HK$20,500), both by Stella McCartney. Earrings (HK$4,600) by Gucci.

Dress (HK$20,000) and shirt (HK$12,550), both by Prada. Headband by Gucci. Ring (HK$12,400) by Bulgari. Shoes (HK$7,400) by Céline. Socks (HK$130) by Falke.

Dress (HK$17,000) and heels (HK$7,200), both by Giorgio Armani. Ring (HK$44,000) by Bulgari.

Vintage argyle coat (HK$46,500), shirt (HK$11,500) and trousers (HK$9,600), all by Gucci. Boots (HK$6,990) by Jimmy Choo. Necklace (HK$507,000) by Bulgari.

Pantashoes and mono kimono top (HK$12,900), both by Balenciaga (inquiries: 3428 8086). Serpenti collar (HK$298,000) by Bulgari.

Jacket (HK$64,500), skirt (HK$21,700), headband (HK$11,400) and cuff, all by Chanel (inquiries: 2810 0978). Boots (HK$6,990) by Jimmy Choo. Socks(HK$83) by Falke.

One-shoulder dress (HK$28,500) by Giorgio Armani. Top in pink tree-printed viscose (HK$4,650) by Céline. Divas’ Dream earrings (HK$28,000) by Bulgari.

Stylist Donatella Pia
Make-up and Hair Rossano Fasano
Model Sanne de Roo at MP Management Milan
Location Molteni Compound, Giussano, Italy (