Chiffon jumpsuit (HK$25,500), sandals and bag, all by Dolce & Gabbana (inquiries: 2956 0833).

Leonardo (left) wears: jumper (HK$32,000) by Gucci (inquiries: 28680092). Jacket (HK$54,000) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Trousers (HK$7,600) by Lanvin. Boots by Bally (inquiries: 25226123).

Ana wears: pailette jumper by Gucci. Shorts (HK$6,300) and socks (HK$1,700), both by Prada. Coat by Marc Jacobs (inquiries: 2523 3324). Hat (HK$22,000) by Giorgio Armani. Hoop earrings (HK$4,920) by Vetements from Net-A-Porter. Sandals (HK$5,850) by Moncler.

Leonardo wears: crochet top by Ports 1961 (inquiries 2468 1961). Blouson and trousers, both by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture (inquiries: 3417 3088). Trainers (HK$7,900) by Dior Homme. Canvas tote (HK$63,900) by Hermès.

Ana wears: floral blouse (HK$24,500), sleeveless gilet (HK$51,000), shorts (HK$6,150), trainers (HK$8,950) and bionic earrings (HK$3,350), all by Louis Vuitton.

Ana wears: silk maxi dress with paisley print (HK$5,400) by Etro, and earrings (HK$3,731) by Oscar de la Renta, both from Net-A-Porter. Black pleated skirt by Gucci. White cotton dress with belt worn as a collar (HK$24,200) by Loro Piana. Suede coat (HK$89,900) by Bottega Veneta.

Wool blanket wrap (HK$2,900) by Kent & Curwen. Sandals (HK$6,050) by Moncler. Socks (HK$1,700) by Prada. Sunglasses (HK$5,300) by Linda Farrow from On Pedder. Earrings (HK$3,731) by Oscar de la Renta from Net-A-Porter. Necklace (HK$15,000) by Giorgio Armani. Bisten 60 trunk (HK$47,500) by Louis Vuitton.

Leonardo wears: shirt (HK$16,600), trousers (HK$7,250), raincoat (HK$27,800), shoes (HK$12,700), belt (HK$5,250), Alzar 70 trunk (HK$68,500) and keepall bag (HK$14,300), all by Louis Vuitton.

Ana wears: bodysuit (HK$15,500), mesh dress (HK$98,000), boots (HK$12,400) and Dioraddict bag (HK$29,900), all by Dior. Coat (HK$22,250) by Prada. Earrings (HK$4,300) by Alexander McQueen from Net-a-Porter.

Leonardo wears: shirt (HK$1,500) by Kent & Curwen. Knit vest (HK$6,500), long coat vest (HK$14,500) and scarf (HK$1,850), all by Dior Homme. Pants (HK$6,300) and socks (HK$850), both by Gucci. Coat (HK$38,550) by Prada. Sandals (HK$7,800) by Hermès.

Shearling coat (HK$35,990), T-shirt (HK$5,890), shirt (HK$12,290), trousers (HK$12,290), bag (HK$13,690) and suede boots, all by Bally (inquiries: 25226123).

Ana wears: lamé dress by Chanel (inquiries: 39002760). Vest (HK$16,500) and pleated skirt (HK$30,000), both by Céline. Coat (HK$16,990) by Bally, Belt (HK$24,900) by Bottega Veneta. Earrings and necklace, both by Gucci. Socks (HK$1,700) by Prada. Sandals (HK$6,990) by Jimmy Choo. Hat box (HK$27,300) by Louis Vuitton.

Leonardo wears: shirt (HK$6,400), trousers (HK$5,700) and sandals (HK$7,800), all by Hermès. Cardigan (HK$7,600) by Lanvin. Socks (HK$850) by Gucci. Trunk as before.

Blouse (HK$6,800), by Bottega Veneta. On right hand: Stellular cuff (HK$28,850) and Stellular ring (HK$3,750), both by Bottega Veneta; silver cuff (HK$3,950) by Saint Laurent; silver ring (HK$4,550) by Céline. On left hand: ring (HK$4,450), silver cuff (HK$4,950) and bracelet, all by Saint Laurent (inquiries: 2868 0092).

Jeans (HK$5,550), brown leather belt (HK$3,900), feather boots (HK$55,000) and tassle bag (HK$2,1500), all by Saint Laurent. Clutch (HK$10,600) by Chloé. Black cotton waist belt (HK$2,653) by Jil Sander and fringed wrap (HK$5,435) by Missoni, both from Net-A-Porter. Sunglasses (HK$5,300) by Linda farrow and rarrings (HK$1,560) by Katerina Makriyianni, both from On Pedder.

Photography Alex Lim Tse-Wei
Location Fei Ngo Shan
Styling Patryk Chaou
Make-up Deep Choi
Hair Deil Siu
Fashion sssistant Jack Lo
Production assistants Zoe Chow, Anders Law
Models Leonardo at Model Genesis, Ana Paula at Cal-Carrie’s Models