Dior’s Addict Lacquer Plump (HK$280) contains natural hibiscus extracts that moisturise and add volume to the lips. The formula has a nice texture but a bad taste, if you happen to get some on your tongue. The shades look different in the bottle than they do on the lips, so be sure to test them before buying.

M.A.C’s Versicolour Varnish (HK$200) collection is a range of bright coral and fluorescent pink shades. The watery formula feels more like a tint than a gloss, but the varnish definitely makes the lips pop.

If you are looking for lip shine without the gloopy finish of a gloss, try Etude House’s Mini Two Match (HK$67). The collection contains three lip toppers – hologram pearl glitter in gold, pink and light blue – that you add onto other shades.

Vibrant, bold and ultra-shiny, with incredible colour pay off, Pony Effect’s Enamellic Glossy Lip (HK$160) is our favourite of the lot. The one con: its non-drying finish means it can smudgeeasily. So, perhaps it’s not the ideal lipstick for a date, that is, if you’re planning on a smooch.