Silk blazer by Dolce & Gabbana (inquiries: 2877 5558). Tuxedo trousers by Louis Vuitton (inquiries: 8100 1182). Striped shirt with detachable collar (HK$1,500) by Kent & Curwen. Satin bow-tie (HK$1,300) by Ralph Lauren. Glasses by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2918 1871).

Jacket, trousers and boots, all by Loewe (inquiries: 2522 0996). Shirt by Gucci (inquiries: 2524 4492). Bow-tie by Louis Vuitton.

Waistcoat and trousers, both by Dior Homme (inquiries: 2162 8008). Silk shirt (HK$7,590) by Givenchy. Boots in python (HK$20,900), wolf head ring (HK$4,650) and eagle head necklace, all by Gucci. Bow-tie by Ralph Lauren, same as before.

Jacket, trousers and shirt, all by Les Hommes from The Swank (inquiries: 2868 6990). Shoes by Louis Vuitton. Bow-tie by Ralph Lauren, same as before.

Jacket and trousers, both by Gucci. Shirt (HK$4,100) by Balenciaga. Shoes (HK$6,400) by Emporio Armani.

Tuxedo jacket (HK$13,990) by Cerruti 1881. Trousers (HK$5,400) and shirt (HK$4,300), both by Ralph Lauren. Boots (HK$9,590) by Givenchy. Belt by Giorgio Armani. Bow-tie by Louis Vuitton.

Blazer (HK$4,900) by Kent & Curwen. Silk trousers and patent leather shoes, both by Dolce & Gabbana. Bow-tie by Louis Vuitton (inquiries: 8100 1182). Glasses by Giorgio Armani.

Photography Bai Chuan
Styling Kenneth Wong
Production Lorraine Cultfish
Make-up and hair Pearl
Model Julian at Quest models