Ruffle dress (HK$120,300) by Chanel. Earrings (HK$5,700) by Balenciaga. Trainers (HK$8,950) by Louis Vuitton. Socks (HK$1,700) by Miu Miu.

Shirt (HK$12,550) by Miu Miu. Pop-art print dress (HK$99,000) by Versace. Trainers (HK$8,950) by Louis Vuitton. Clear bangles (HK$7,500 each) by Chanel. Tiger head silver bracelet by Gucci (inquiries: 2234 7322).

Neoprene top (HK$10,100), silk dress (HK$24,000), platform sandals (HK$3,900) and earrings (HK$8,700), all by Balenciaga. Socks by Miu Miu, same as before.

Left: Dress (HK$25,000), fringe bag (HK$28,700) and floral scarf (HK$3,200), all by Balenciaga.

Right: Top (HK$16,000) by Gucci. Earrings (HK$3,450) by Dior.

Dress (HK$70,500) by Givenchy. Polka-dot jacket (HK$22,250) and studded leather shoes (HK$9,700), both by Prada. Socks (HK$1,700) by Miu Miu.

Top (HK$7,480) and skirt (HK$17,050), both by Emilio Pucci. Python leather jacket (HK$79,000) and rings (from HK$3,750 to HK$4,950), all by Bottega Veneta. Necklace (HK$26,200) by Chanel. Sandals (HK$11,300) and socks (HK$1,700), both by Miu Miu. Bull silver bracelet (HK$9,200) by Gucci.

Olive oversized vest (HK$16,500) by Céline. Knit vest (HK$5,600), sleeveless shirt (HK$6,750) and socks (HK$1,700), all by Miu Miu. Leather skirt (HK$22,500) by Fendi. Silk slippers (HK$3,740) by Emilio Pucci. Bracelets (HK$4,700 each) by Chanel.

Photography and styling Olivia Tsang
Make-up and hair Evelyn Ho
Model Juula Kiiver at Donna Models, Tokyo
Location Tokyo