Wool coat (HK$33,000), silk shirt (HK$11,900) and glasses, all by Saint Laurent (inquiries: 2868 0092). Wool trousers (HK$5,900) and belt (HK$4,950) by Bottega Veneta. GG Running ring in yellow gold (HK$31,500) and ladybird ring, both by Gucci (inquiries: 2524 4492).

Coat (HK$55,000) and trousers (HK$4,800), both by Emporio Armani. Jumper (HK$7,900), shirt (HK$4,200) and tie (HK$1,500), all by Alexander McQueen. Hat (HK$4,950) by Loewe.

Coat (HK$31,750) by Prada. Knitwear and trousers, both by Salvatore Ferragamo (inquiries: 2845 2718). Glasses by Ralph Lauren (inquiries: 2871 9338). Ring by Saint Laurent.

Coat (HK$39,700) and shoes (HK$5,550), both by Prada. Cashmere jumper (HK$9,800) and trousers (HK$5,500), both by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Shirt (HK$2,950) by Dunhill.

Coat (HK$20,000), shirt (HK$3,300), trousers (HK$4,800), belt (HK$3,000) and hat (HK$4,300), all by Emporio Armani. Glasses by Saint Laurent. Octo Roma watch in steel with alligator leather strap (HK$45,300) by Bulgari.

Shearling coat (HK$53,650) and hat (HK$4,950), both by Loewe. Leather shirt (HK$27,000) by Dunhill. Wool trousers (HK$8,500) by Gucci.

Photography Bai Chuan
Styling Kenneth Wong
Hair and make-up Jolin Ng
Model Ivan at Quest