Left: Nikita wears sleeveless jacket (HK$15,400), gloves (HK$2,500), sheer dress (HK$7,900), trainers (HK$7,000) and leather bag (HK$20,050), all by Prada. Faux-fur bag by Dolce & Gabbana (inquiries: 3755 4622). Socks (HK$1,700) by Miu Miu.

Right: Taylor wears PVC embellished dress (HK$159,900), tulle dress (HK$8,550) and zip-up knit top, all by Prada (inquiries: 2522 2989). Leather clutch (HK$37,500) by Dolce & Gabbana. Trainers (HK$12,600) by Gucci.

Mohair top (HK$9,000), PVC coat (HK$21,600) and skirt (HK$10,300), all by Balenciaga. Chain bag (HK$15,500) by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Large bag (HK$24,000) by Céline. Sunglasses (HK$3,200) and rings (middle finger, HK$2,600; index finger, HK$2,800), all by Dior.

Tweed jacket (HK$118,000) and mini skirt (HK$99,800), both by Gucci. Sequin bag (HK$13,850) by Miu Miu. Glitter bag (HK$10,300) by Mulberry. Sequin cowboy boots (HK$6,800) by Emporio Armani.

Left: coat (HK$40,800) by Fendi. Long denim boots (HK$15,750) by Giuseppe Zanotti. Bag (HK$33,500) and gloves, both by Chanel (inquiries: 2810 0978).

Right: coat (HK$95,500) and lace dress (HK$54,000), both by Gucci. Boots (HK$8,800) by Fendi. Leather bag (HK$20,600) by Balenciaga. Python-trimmed bag with chain (HK$19,500) by Fendi.

Tweed jacket and skirt by Chanel. Bags (large, HK$13,200; small, HK$10,400) by Gucci. Sequinned boots (HK$11,500) by Sergio Rossi. Heart-shaped hoop earrings (HK$3,400) by Mulberry.

Photography and styling Olivia Tsang
Make-up Jenny Shih
Hair Him Ng
Models Nikita and Taylor at Model Genesis