Left: bomber jacket (HK$28,000) and trousers (HK$5,500), both by Loro Piana. Shirt (HK$3,900) by Bottega Veneta. Jumper (HK$10,750) by Gucci from matchesfashion.com. Visor (HK$3,000) by Dior Homme. Trainers (HK$4,600) by MCM.

Right: coat (HK$26,000) by Bottega Veneta. Jumper (HK$8,950) by Salvatore Ferragamo. White jacket (worn under jumper; HK$12,800) by Valentino. Trousers (HK$6,600) by Versace. Trainers (HK$7,600) by Dior Homme.

Left: jumper by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2532 7700). Trousers (HK$5,400) by Loro Piana. Boots by Z Zegna (inquiries: 2295 0828). Sunglasses (HK$3,550) by Fendi.

Right: jumper (HK$8,900) and scarf (HK$6,500), both by Lanvin. Leather trousers (HK$24,500) and sunglasses (HK$3,080), both by Givenchy. Boots (HK$8,950) by Saint Laurent.

Left: coat (HK$31,400), jumper (HK$7,900), shirt (HK$4,200), tie (HK$1,500), trousers (HK$14,700) and trainers (HK$5,800), all by Alexander McQueen.

Right: check coat (HK$31,750), nylon coat (HK$14,750), shorts (HK$7,350) and boots (HK$6,650), all by Prada. Socks, model’s own.

Left: yellow jacket (HK$11,790) by Kenzo. White windbreaker (HK$2,180) by Ports V. Jumper (HK$5,600) and trainers (HK$7,100) by Fendi. Trousers by Giorgio Armani.

Right: bomber jacket (HK$7,400) by MCM. Quilted vest (HK$8,300) by Z Zegna. Jumper (HK$9,800) by Valentino. Trousers by Giorgio Armani. Trainers (HK$3,490) by Paul Smith.

Left: hooded cape (HK$15,500), trainers (HK$7,900) and baseball cap, all by Versace (inquiries: 2561 5018). Sweatpants (HK$890) by Calvin Klein Performance.

Right: poncho (HK$1,990) and leggings (HK$990), both by Calvin Klein Performance. Cape (HK$11,800) by Valentino. Trainers with socks (HK$8,450) by Giuseppe Zanotti. Coin holder (HK$7,600) with straps (HK$3,800) by Dior Homme.

Photography Norm Yip at Studio 8
Styling Patryk Chaou
Art direction Kinki Tsui
Make-up Wil Wu
Hair Krime Chin at Le Coupe
Assistant stylist Jack Lo
Models Alvin C at Liberte Models and Sam W at Model Genesis