Waistcoat (HK$1,150) by Stella McCartney. Tulle petticoat (HK$23,000) by Dior. Trousers by Ralph Lauren (inquiries: 2871 9338). Hat by Jess Collett Milliner

From left: Scarlett wears jumper (HK$28,000) by Dior. Alex wears coat (HK$7,900), shirt and scarf, all by Ralph Lauren. Jack wears shirt (HK$1,980) by Dolce & Gabbana. Shorts (HK$220) by Numero 74 from Petit Bazaar. Wellington boots by Hunter. Libby wears shirt and jumpsuit by Zimmermann.

Jumper (HK$880) by Elfie x Alex Eagle. Dungarees (HK$4,900) by Tommy Hilfiger.

Scarlett wears trousers (HK$5,500) by Ralph Lauren. Top (HK$610) by Ermenegildo Zegna. Hat (HK$8,400) by Jess Collett Milliner. Shoes, model’s own.

Left: petticoat (HK$23,000) by Dior. Waistcoat (HK$1,150) by Stella McCartney. Right: dress (HK$92,500) by Louis Vuitton. Boots (HK$7,700) by Dior.

Jack wears cardigan and leggings by Carrément Beau and vintage racing cap and goggles by Baghera, all from Petit Bazaar. T-shirt (HK$510) by Burberry. Wellington boots by Hunter.

Cardigan and top by Babidu from childrensalon.com. Bag by Chanel (inquiries: 2973 6566). Ribbon, model’s own.

Jacket (HK$1,870) by Stella McCartney. Underwear (HK$135) by Sarah Louise. Wellington boots by Hunter.

All same as before.

All same as before.

Photography Olivier Yoan
Styling Hannah Beck
Production Alex Aalto
Models Alex, Libby, Scarlett, Jack and Coco
Location the Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor, England