Much of the new season is shot on water. What was that like? "It offered us a lot of new challenges as actors. As far as the characters [are concerned], we are all challenged by being on a boat. It becomes a tinder box of emotions, people with different ideas and motivations that they are grappling with and trying to reconcile."

How to get picked as a zombie for Walking Dead attraction: channel your inner walker

Do you think a TV show has a responsibility to maintain ethnic diversity, especially in this political climate? "Mostly, the intent in our show was to honestly reflect the city we lived in. [Los Angeles is] obviously a very ethnically diverse city, and I feel like we represented that."

What's the appeal of this genre? "I think why this genre is so fascinating is because the audience can live in these primal fears: what if we are not protected, what if society is crumbling around me, what if the government is not taking care of me, what if there is an outbreak and I can't protect my family? To get to explore that and play it out through the story is a nice relief, and then you can turn it off. You can fantasise about what you would do. It's exciting to tell a story with such high life-and-death stakes. You really get to explore all the human values and ethics of society and how those shift."

Have you enjoyed being Madison Clark? "I have been fortunate in my career to always play complex, multidimensional women, and this is no different. Madison is a full-blooded woman and she is fierce and strong and completely flawed, and she is a badass. So it's been really, really fun to play."

The second season of Fear the Walking Dead continues on AMC, on Mondays, at 9am in Hong Kong, with a repeat at 10pm.