Korean fried chicken, better known as KFC (not to be mistaken for the American fast-food chain), is a snack best enjoyed with a large group of friends, late in the evening, when you don't have to wake up early the next morning. This has nothing to do with the chicken itself; it's all down to the accompaniments - specifically, large amounts of alcohol.

KFC is hearty, strongly flavoured (although not necessarily spicy) and served in generous quantities (hence the need for a large group), and the "finger lickin' good" nature of the fried chicken just cries out for a drink or three of beer or soju. Add to this the casual vibe of restaurants specialising in KFC - K-pop videos blasting on an overhead screen, drinking games, crowded booths - and it makes for a raucous evening.

KFC restaurants usually offer several versions of the chicken. Battered and fried is the most basic but you can also get the fried chicken drenched in sticky sauces with varying degrees of spice. Many places offer "half and half", which gives you the opportunity to try two versions on the same plate. KFC is always served with sweet-tangy pickled radish, which refreshes the palate.

Seven great places in Hong Kong to eat Korean fried chicken

There are plenty of places in Hong Kong to eat KFC. Here are seven we've tried in the past year or so and think you'll like.

Uncle Padak, Sai Ying Pun. From our review: The groups of Koreans who happily dine at the 26-seat restaurant are testament to the indigenous flavour and superb quality of the food.

Seoul Bros, Central. From our review: Seoul Bros takes Korean food beyond the dishes we’ve come to expect  ... The Korean fried chicken is moist and crisp, and comes with Korean rice cakes.

K-Pocha Soju Bar, Central. From our review: K-Pocha looks set to be a success with fans of Seoul soul ... the free-flow deep-fried chicken and pickles are a nice touch for happy hour.

U-Hang, Sai Ying Pun. From our review: The ubiquitous KFC was one of the best versions I've tasted in Hong Kong. The boneless dark meat came with a well-balanced sauce.

Red Chicken,Tsim Sha Tsui. From our story: Chicken lovers have strong opinions about which shop is best but the consensus seems to be that Red Chicken is the hottest fried chicken place in town. 

Fairyland, Tsim Sha Tsui. From our review: The friendly staff, vibrant ... decor and K-pop soundtrack make it a casual place for a fried chicken and beer fix ... The sweet chilli chicken .. is a triumph.

Momojein, Wan Chai. From our review: Country-fried chicken had been fried whole before being cut into pieces. The thin batter was crisp and light