For most people, a trip to the movies is accompanied by a box of popcorn or a "plastic" hot dog. Not so for Andrea Oschetti.

The chef at Cuore Private Kitchen, in Aberdeen, on Hong Kong Island's sout side, has combined his passions for food and film to launch Yum Yum Movies - and it's going down a treat.

The concept is simple: serve guests fine food as they watch a fine film, tying in dishes with moments in the movie. And to add to the experience, it all takes place in a secret location (guests are sent the address after buying a ticket).

The first event, held this month in a loft-style space in Wong Chuk Hang, was a screening of Baz Luhrmann's 1996 hit Romeo + Juliet accompanied by a five-course meal, with each dish timed to arrive at specific moments in the movie to enhance the mood and bring the story to life.

The experience started with a welcome drink of Montague Prosecco or Capulet Raspberry Bellini, named for the warring families in Shakespeare's play. When the star-crossed lovers leaned in for their first kiss, guests were served oysters grilled in their shells with gorgonzola sauce. As Father Laurence introduced the poisonous plant that would put Juliet to sleep, a peppery green salad of rocket, parmesan cheese, sous vide egg and edible flowers arrived. And for the finale: a tequila shot and bitter chocolate cake.

"The tequila shot was taken at the moment Romeo takes his poison, we felt the burn of the 'poison' as Romeo dies. The chocolate cake highlighted a bitter-sweet ending," Oschetti says.

One of the guests, Taura Edgar, says it was a sweet, intimate event. "Chef Andrea's food was amazing and it was fun that dishes were coordinated with key moments in the movie."

Next on the menu - the movie menu, that is - are the 2001 French rom-com Amelie (on May 31) and Wes Anderson's quirky 2012 offering Moonrise Kingdom (on June 21).

Tickets are HK$640 per person. For details, visit