A new gym has sprung up on the city's rapidly expanding fitness landscape and what makes this one stand out from the crowd is that it's for women only.

Founded by Alexander de Fina, the fitness guru behind the popular programme Bikini Fit, Pherform, in Central, aims to empower and encourage women to "become the strongest version of themselves - physically, emotionally and mentally".

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De Fina says Pherform classes have been programmed with the female body in mind, by taking into account the nuances of hormonal responses to training. There's even a class, called Baby Factory, that offers pre- and post-natal training for women.

Pherform also shatters the image of what some think a female-only gym might look like.

"The equipment is heavy-duty. Our facility would make an iron-swinging bearded viking proud."

De Fina says a lot of thought also went into creating the right vibe. "Too many performance-focused gyms have hyper-competitive environments, which intimidate those looking at making positive lifestyle changes."

Staff also conduct clinical testing (the gym has an in-house doctor).

"We have almost 20 different tests, ranging from metabolic biomarkers, gut function, to food intolerance testing and stress testing. Our bloodspot testing kits and follow-up consultations take the guesswork out of metabolic and hormonal functions," says de Fina.

Other tests focus on sleep patterns and skin imbalances.

Pherform is at 2/F, Man Cheung Building, 15 Wyndham Street, Central, tel: 2798 8824; pherform.com