What is it? An all-inclusive vegetarian holistic wellness retreat located in the peaceful green hills of northern Thailand's Golden Triangle, a 30-minute drive east of Chiang Rai. Made up of six cottages (divided into 16 rooms) with a small lake as its focus, the retreat is designed to offer an affordable wellness getaway.

What is a museflower? Thought up by owner Tania Ho Wing-fun, who was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong, the word is supposed to describe the process by which nature inspires and stimulates the creative energy within us. The retreat operates on the philosophy that nature is healing and refuels the mind and spirit, which in turn leads to physical health. A range of therapies and workshops aimed at stimulating creative energy are bundled into packages - the yoga wellness retreat, spa getaway, detox retreat, creative workshops and spiritual retreat - or guests may simply use the cottages as a place in which to relax and reconnect with themselves.

What can we do here? Plenty. Yoga (top), meditation, qigong, spa treatments, hado counselling, reiki, swimming in a Himalayan crystal salt pool or the lake (the water's not all that clear but the therapists venture in), creative workshops or a walk or cycle through the countryside. Alternatively, you can just sit on the floating platform on the lake and relax.

How is the yoga? The hatha yoga classes are gentle yet stimulating. The classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Alignment is the focus for newcomers while more advanced students are encouraged to go to the next level of a posture. Classes end with a short meditation and shavasana; guests are tucked up in blankets and each given a short reiki session on the head. The afternoon class is followed by half an hour of guided meditation that leads to a very … peaceful … … place … … …

What's the food like? Heavenly. If you love fresh organic vegetarian food then you're unlikely to find anything better than this. All chef Somphop Sakulchart (below) needs to do is nip over to his organic farm and pick whatever he needs, be it salad ingredients, vegetables, mushrooms or herbs. Simple, healthy food is served buffet style, with plenty of raw salads and soups. The chef's enthusiasm for his garden is infectious and, if you ask him nicely, he'll allow you to accompany him to pick out your own duck eggs.

What will all this cost? A three-night retreat package for a single person in a standard room costs 13,650 baht (HK$3,000) and includes three vegetarian meals per day, two one-hour hatha yoga classes daily, two half-hour meditation classes, a private wellness session (a choice of yoga, qigong or reiki), a herbal steam and an hour's signature massage at the spa, a hado counselling demo and round-trip airport or bus terminal transfers.

For more information, visit musefloweretreat.com