Tokyo Cheapo: A Cheapo’s Guide to Tokyo
Various authors
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If you’re the sort who likes to travel to expensive places without the expense (and who isn’t in these days of permanent financial meltdown?), then Tokyo Cheapo should be on your e-reader. This guide book is bulging with the arresting, the mesmerising, the satisfying and the down­right odd. The on-the-ground team behind this second edi­tion clearly enjoy their jobs, which can’t be terribly onerous when their duties include ferreting around Akihabara to find cheap gadgets; Shibuya for nightclub entry deals; the surprisingly large number of parks and green corners you can enjoy yen-free; hotels, bars and restaurants from Asakusa to Roppongi that don’t require gymnastic credit cards; and the best passes and permits for Tokyo-wide travel. Tokyo Cheapo isn’t so hot on shopping, but why would it be? For that you need money.