According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the highest number of rainstorm warning signals are issued in June; July is our hottest month and August is the wettest.

If you can’t wait for the cool, dry days of autumn, here’s a “foolproof” (well, as foolproof as can be in these climate-changing times) plan to enjoying pleasant weather all year round.

Low-season prices, an absence of crowds and mild spring weather, rather than baking summer heat, make March the best month to explore the Acropolis and its most magnificent monument, the Parthenon.

For traipsing around temples and snacking on street food, December is the Thai capital’s driest and coolest month. Locals wrap up in winter coats and woolly hats during rare “cold” snaps but fear not, temperatures will still be around 17 degrees Celsius.

If you plan to potter around the desert perusing the pyramids, it goes without saying that the winter months are your best bet. November is a good time to arrive in Africa’s second-largest city.

For shopping or sailing, camel racing or just lazing by the pool, head for Dubai in March. The high-season onslaught will have diminished and the sun won’t have reached retina-searing summer intensity.

The Scottish capital
is not renowned for blistering heat and clear blue skies. The driest month is April but it’s likely to be chilly so drop by in June and enjoy the long, light evenings.

Weather wise, the South Pacific archipelago should be at its most pleasant from now until October, with July being Fiji’s driest month. November to April is tropical cyclone season and definitely not the time to book a grass-hut homestay.


By November the rains have finished, the beaches are peaceful and the party people that invade this former Portuguese enclave at Christmas won’t have even confirmed their flights.

Summers are hot and wet while winters are cold and dry in the Vietnamese capital, so opt for October, when temperatures are agreeable and the breezes refreshingly cool.

The fascinating Russian city and nearby Lake Baikal are best visited after the summer rains and before the winter blizzards. Book your Trans Siberian Railway ticket for September.

The salmon-hued sandstone buildings dominating the Indian tourist magnet look especially attractive against the deep blue skies of January. Throw in the world’s largest free literary festival and there’s no better month in which to show up.

Hiking is all about crystal-clear mountain vistas so to avoid the haze of summer, the congested trails in autumn and the bitter cold of winter, fly to the Nepalese capital and arrange your Himalayan trekking permit in April.

Over a lifetime, Britons spend a full five months making small talk about the weather, but only during the recent royal wedding did they learn from meteorolo­gists that contrary to perceptions, May (not June, July or August) is the sunni­est and driest month in the British capital.

The gateway to the Amazon is either wet or dry but never cold. June marks the end of the rainy season and even if the odd shower interrupts your river cruise, remember it’s sure to be raining much harder in Hong Kong.

New York
The Big Apple
is a city of meteoro­logical extremes. It can be glacial in winter and roasting in summer. Late spring and early autumn are good bets but since trips to NYC are about combining shopping with sightseeing, visit in December and marvel at the Christmas lights, festive decorations and elaborate window displays.

The subtropical island
is the first place in Japan to see the cherry blossoms bloom each year, so book flights for the mild month of January.

Cooler, less humid weather occurs in what passes for winter in the Philippines. Discover underground rivers and tropical rainforest, and hit the postcard perfect beaches around El Nido in February.

We all know the seasons are reversed in Australia but not everyone realises winter is the sunniest, least humid time to see Brisbane and all points north. Summer humidity, cyclones and jellyfish stings can be a real pain, so rock up in August.

Rio de Janeiro
A camera will be far more useful than an umbrella at the legendary Carnival, which takes place each February. Prices are sure to be sky high and the city will be bursting at the seams but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience, so knock back a few caipirinhas and dance yourself dizzy.

San Francisco
Summer months can be foggy in the Golden Gate City so arrange to visit in the warm, sunny days of October. Walk the California Coastal Trail from Fort Point to Baker Beach or go for a drive (with the roof down) along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

More than 300km north of the Arctic Circle, the Norwegian outpost is an excellent place in which to witness the midnight sun. Expect your body clock to play tricks and since the sun never sets in June, make sure the hotel curtains are made of thick, dark material.

Ulan Bator
The world’s coldest and most polluted capital comes alive in the summer months, particularly July, during the traditional sporting festival of Naadam, when Mongolians get to show off their wrestling, archery and horse-racing skills.

The chances of having your holiday marred by wet weather are always a possibility in the Canadian city so visit in the summer, the driest time of year. August is a good month to go whale watching.


The Namibian capital is the gateway to Etosha National Park, the country’s top game reserve. Savvy safari goers know there’s a much better chance of seeing wildlife in dry-season months such as September, when thirsty animals are forced to congregate at watering holes.

Consider coming face to face with the Terracotta Warriors in the second half of April. Temperatures should be shirtsleeve mild, the room rates modest and the tulips will be in bloom at the botanical gardens.

If you’ve made the decision to visit Myanmar, you’ll be glad you booked your temple-hopping trip for February. The only umbrellas you see will be protecting the shaved heads of Buddhist monks from the sun.

Google the words “underrated” and “Zagreb” and you’ll be confronted with 130,000 hits. Explore the medieval old city, ride one of the world’s shortest and steepest funicular railways and check out the quirky Museum of Broken Relationships during the sunny, dry and often cloudless days of May.