Wants + needs


Black on track
Beijing-based company Bandit9 Motorcycle Design is making waves with its revamped Nero. The bike is based on the classic Chang Jiang 750 from the 1950s and ’60s, but features a rebuilt engine and transmission along with a some custom parts like the exhaust, gas tank, fenders, seat and bars. But most notable about the Nero is its menacing matte black finish that leaves no aspect of the bike un-darkened, save for the head and tail lights. Pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

Bench Marc 
He has designed chairs, restaurants, cars, planes, and even a spaceship. For Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, the sky is no limit. From mass-produced objects to limited-edition furniture to fashion, Newson has made himself an international superstar. This comprehensive tome - a sort of gospel according to Marc, leaves no stone unturned in cataloguing his works to date, from early pieces such as the Lockheed Lounge (which holds the world record for the highest price paid for a piece of designer furniture, at more than US$2 million) through designs of household objects and more recently, projects such as the interior of Qantas' A380 and the Aquariva boat. This limited Marc Newson Art Edition, comprising 100 signed issues, comes in leather inlay with Micarta slipcase designed by Newton. .

Eye style
Belgium’s Cabrio eyewear firm continues to work on renewing the concept of its sunglasses collection. The Cabriolet Coccinelle is already available in two versions but later this month comes a third one with a tauter masculine lens shape. Streamlined like a sleek, high-peformance sports car, yet drawn as if with eyeliner, Coccinelle Male 2 is the work of Bruges-based Bieke Hoet of Hoet Design Studio. She is the daughter of famed eyewear designer Patrick Hoet from Theo Eyewear. The visor offers optimal protection and fits close to the eyes, which makes the sunglasses ideal for water sports, golf, tennis, skiing, cycling or fishing. Designed in an extravagantly personalised style, the model is available in basic black, or in multicolour versions of ocean blue, red and night blue, for the more extrovert performer. HK$3,030 Puyi Optical.

Point and shoot
If you ever aspired to combine a love of travel, a passion for cinema and the pleasure of shooting game, then the 1,700-hectare private estate owned by Italian 
film director Luchino Visconti in the late 20th century is nirvana. The centrepiece is a restored castle that dates to the 10th century, which has been lovingly transformed into Hotel Castello di Casole, a fivestar boutique hotel with 41 private suites combining old-world Tuscan charm with contemporary sophistication. While deer, hare, pigeons and pheasants roam the grounds – and can be hunted – at different times of year, wild boar – cinghiale – are open season. Autumn is a perfect time, as it also features both the olive and grape harvest. There are seasonal hunts for truffles too. But if pursuits less “pointed” take your aim, vineyard tours and tastings pair well with cooking and art classes, before hiking and biking around the seductive landscape.