At 134cm tall, 27cm wide and in a striking hue of glorious gold, the Organic Harmony speaker by Shape Audio certainly makes an impact - audibly and visually. Simply plug your laptop, phone or music player into this beautifully sculpted piece to enjoy pure, clean sound.

This audio masterpiece boasts an omnidirectional stereo loudspeaker system with a 1,000w amplifier, USB and ethernet connectivity, and an XLR analogue microphone.

If all that technology talk is too heavy for you, simply enjoy the visual sensation. Inspired by nature, harmony and the elegant flow of brushstrokes, the Organic Harmony speaker has been moulded into an intriguing piece of art.

Upon purchase and delivery, Shape Audio engineers will help complete an on-location installation, which includes using a patented room correction feature to fine-tune the speaker to the specific space where it will be used. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Organic Harmony speaker is the only audio device in the world made from precious metals, the company claims. The gold version, weighing a whopping 215kg, is truly unique because only one unit was made.

If gold is not to your liking, the speaker has also been made in bronze and silver, with 99 and five units created respectively, each handmade and uniquely numbered.