Despite his fit physique, Allen Poon isn't your average gym rat.

"I'm not really a big fan of the gym. I always feel like I am trapped on a hamster wheel whenever I'm at a gym," the architect jokes.

With that in mind, for his ultimate private gym project, Poon brings the perfect environment indoors, with a little help from cutting-edge virtual reality simulators.

The luxe private gym consists of two levels, floats on the ocean and makes for a perfect extension to your grand beach house.

The upper level of the structure features a dome-shaped screen for virtual reality projections, an infinity pool, changing rooms and sauna facilities, while the undersea level is designed to accommodate a range of gym equipment and a pool tank.

Poon incorporates hi-tech virtual reality simulators that bring real fun into exercising.

The simulators project moving images to take you to a destination of your desire. The visual effects also reflect personalised training programmes, be it urban marathon training or trekking on Mount Everest.

The dome-shaped screen creates an illusion of extra space and can seamlessly project motion images compared to the display on flat screens. The virtues of the airtight dome don't just end here. It also allows a completely controlled environment and atmospheric effect simulations, such as rain or sunshine.

Indoor rainfall can be created by adding motion sensors to prevent the user from getting wet.

"These simulations not only make exercising more fun but also helps you train under different conditions," Poon says.

Forget public showers and run-down equipment drenched in sweat - the private gym focuses on exclusivity and personalisation.

Special sensors at the entrance will be able to recognise facial features. Once a user logs on, his or her training routines will be downloaded from the gym's intelligent archive or synchronised with the owner's personal fitness tracking device. Or the user can simply download information from his or her smartphone. Other personalised information, such as a workout playlist, can also be synchronised and downloaded wirelessly.

"I think exercising should be an extremely pleasant and personal experience," Poon says.

The gym's advanced audio and video system can patch in the owner's personal trainer to help with the fitness programmes even without trainers to be physically present in the facility.

Unlike public gyms where all the equipment is laid out for everyone to see, Poon places the equipment on a revolving turntable in the lower level. The equipment you choose rises to the upper level via a hydraulic platform.

"The design makes the most of the available space without any clutter," Poon explains.

For the most effective and high-end gym equipment, we consulted Andrew Cox, a veteran personal trainer at Hong Kong's Four Seasons Hotel, for his checklist of must-haves.

Apart from general cardio training equipment, he also points out some of his favourites, such as Power Plate - a vibrating base that helps the user develop strength and muscle more effectively; PurMotion - a resistance-training system developed by five-time Olympian Jorge Bonnet; and ViPR - a cylinder-shaped rubber equipment that improves the user's vitality and performance.

With this luxury private gym, you can easily stick with your New Year's Resolution and burn off those extra calories.

WHAT: The ultimate personal gym
WHO: Allen Poon, architect Partner and co-founder of TETRA Architects & Planners

Poon has been in the tradefor more than a decade.In 2011, he co-founded the firm with veteran architects Andrew Kinoshita,Gilbert Yeungand Joshua Lauto focus on luxury interiors and institutional architecture.Poon has consulted and worked on awide range of projects such as the Hong Kong Design Centre.Last year, he also curated the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.