WHY: Here comes a real-life version of the Tron Light Cycle for those who are daring, passionate motorbike riders and collectors.

The jaw-dropping 200-horsepower superbike was designed by German-born concept designer and automotive futurist Daniel Simon, who created the majestic Light Cycle for the sci-fi blockbuster film Tron: Legacy.

The C-01 has a V-twin engine and a sleek exterior made of carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace-quality steel. It features a six-gear jaw-type shift transmission with a weight of only 181kg. The superbike was developed by German racing team Kodewa with the support of Holzer Group. Lotus, the British manufacturer of sports and racing cars, granted Kodewa a licence to produce the C-01. After two years of hard work, the prototype of the world's first motorcycle to bear the legendary Lotus marque is now road-registered.

The bike is available in a range of colours, including classic black and gold. Some of the hues pay tribute to Lotus' sporting pedigree.

The C-01 can be customised, and production of the motorbike is limited to 100 units.