For those who covet the most glamorous phone, Vertu has launched the new Aster collection, which integrates the quintessentially British lifestyle with cutting-edge technology. The British luxury smartphone maker celebrated its new creation - the seven-colour, unisex Aster - with a dinner and after-party at Isola Bar & Grill.

The Aster has a solid sapphire crystal screen and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, and features a Hasselblad-certified camera that provides crystal-clear imaging.

Vertu invited entrepreneur Anina Ho, renowned local designer Johanna Ho and stylist Kevin Ma as Aster ambassadors. Vertu's creative director, Ignacio Germade, flew into town especially for the event. Guests including Gaile Lai, Kathy Chow, Vivian Chan, Tansy Lau and Andrew Chan joined the party and showed off their new handsets. They chatted over refreshing cocktails as DJ Mick spun tunes for the night, and also relaxed in the alfresco lounge decorated with lush greenery amid the backdrop of the city's spectacular skyline.


OVERHEARD This phone is so pretty ... talk about luxury. I love it.


CHIC CHAT with Ignacio Germade

What's so different about Aster?

This is the most modern and fashionable collection we have ever created. It is very simple from a designer's perspective, and we have a really beautiful range of leather and colours. It's more of a lifestyle product than anything we've done in the past.

What makes Aster more a lifestyle product?

Luxury used to be about products, now it's more about the experience. We need great technology and service to [create] that experience, as well as fantastic activities for our customers.

What's the fashion philosophy behind the collection?

Fashion designers think very differently from product designers. In fashion design, designers think about what you are wearing and how it makes you feel, which is something we are trying to use in our work - to make our products the most personal and emotional experience a customer can have when combined with his or her own style.